Rules for Uploading

General Rules:

1. Girls only!
2. No minors!
3. No old ladies!
4. No fat ladies!
5. No trans ladies!
6. Only fetishes represented at the site! (pissing, desperation, wetting, voyeur, drunk)
7. No reposts! (use the search)
8. Should have tags and description! (if the original has it, or you're welcome to make your own)
9. Good quality! (higher than 460p)
10. By default, we do not owe you compensation for the uploads (Tokens might be awarded at our discretion). Exception - Bounty System

Rules for Studio Content:

1. Original names only! (check with the site of the creator)
2. Original descriptions only! (check with the site of the creator)
3. Original clips only! (no cuts, edits, compilations etc.)