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JavRIP » A Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Premium at PissRIP with Crypto
A Step-by-Step Guide on Getting Premium at PissRIP with Crypto

STEP 1 - Don't be afraid

It's likely you never had to dabble in crypto, but there's the first time for everything. No matter what you've heard about cryptocurrencies, it is simply a way to send and receive money around the porn-related rules of PayPal, Visa and MasterCard.

STEP 2 - Pick a site

You will need to choose a site to buy crypto, also known as crypto exchange. While there's a lot of these, and you could use any of them, the one we recommend is Binance.

First reason is it's what we use ourselves, so you'd be able to send crypto as internal transfer between members, without paying an additional transaction fee. And this is important, because crypto transaction fees could be quite substantial, depending on the coin and site. And second reason is it got a lot of useful guides and as such is newbie-friendly.

STEP 3 - Create an account and get verified

Follow the steps outlined in Binance Beginners Guide. You will need to confirm your identity, but this is pretty much the same thing as PayPal and other payment systems require from you this days.

STEP 4 - Choose a coin you'll be paying with

We accept Bitcoin and USDT. If you're paying with Bitcoin, you will need to use a converter to determine how much BTC you will need for a dollar equivalent of Premium plan you've chosen.

For newcomers, we recommend USDT. It's a stablecoin, i.e. it's tied to dollar, so no conversion is needed. For example, $7 = 7 USDT.

STEP 5 - Buy the crypto

We encourage you to grab the longest Premium plan you can afford. This way you won't have to deal with crypto payments every month, will have a discount on longer plans and as lifetime Premium will also have no download limitations at our site.

Once you've determined the amount of crypto you need, please follow this guide on ways to buy it:

How to buy BTC on Binance

STEP 6 - Send us crypto

Once you've got crypto, you'll need to withdraw it to our wallet:

How to send BTC on Binance

Bitcoin - bc1qlf8tuaanxtq035g8j0harvaq4jdkp6k7x9rz63 (BTC network)
USDT - 0x5762B1fc3097471a611c21eC8c05b83Bd115461C (ERC20 or BNB Smart Network)
ETH - 0x5762B1fc3097471a611c21eC8c05b83Bd115461C (ERC20 Network)

Please make sure you're using the correct wallet and network to avoid loss of money.
To make an internal transfer, just using our wallet is enough - you don't need to know our Binance ID or anything else for that.

STEP 7 - Let us know about the payment

Message Admin with the details of the payment. For example:

Hey, I sent you guys 7 USDT for a month of Premium at 1 PM today. The transaction ID is 064a87eee77d00290d2a0f32b2bae872d1f06c90e17ab847d46e96f6e4bb90c7

Or better yet give us a link to a specific hash we can lookup.
Bitcoin - Blockchain.com
USDT - Tronscan.org

STEP 8 - Wait

It usually takes about 30-60 minutes for a crypto transaction to become verified by the blockchain. Before that we won't even be notified that the money came through. So that equals to a minimum waiting time.

In addition, all transactions are processed manually, so you might end up waiting a bit longer. However, all transactions are normally processed within 24 hours timeframe.

STEP 9 - Have fun

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